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Terminal voltage and current

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    A battery has a terminal voltage of 12.0 V when no current flows. Its internal resistance is 2.0 Ω. If a 1.7 Ω resistor is connected across the battery terminals, what is the terminal voltage and what is the current through the 1.7 Ω resistor?

    Can someone point me in the right direction?
    I know I have to use V = E - Ir because there is a internal resistance.
    But I am not sure how to start...

    Thanks in advance.
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    Treat the internal resistance as a series resistor, find the total circuit current.

    What is the voltage drop across the internal resistance? What do you think that will do to the terminal voltage?
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    The terminal voltage is less than the emf because there is a voltage drop across the internal resistance.

    I am still confused.
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    As said earlier treat internal resistance as a series resistor

    net resistance= R+r = 2+1.7

    current= E/R = 12/3.7

    terminal voltage = E - Ir
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    thank you so much!
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