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Termination function in C

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    I was just wondering if there is a simple command in C that terminates the program.

    So say I am getting input from the user, and if they type '0' I want the program to terminate, I would use this in an if statement to close the program.

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    As far as I know, no such function exists, at least not in stdio.h. You can still pretty easily check if input is "0." If you're getting a char, see if "the_gotten_char=getchar() == '0'". If you're reading a string, see if "atoi(input_string) == 0".

    If you mean to just press the 0 button (not input "0"), then I don't know...
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    exit(1)...but you could always do

    while (true)
    { if(key==0) break;
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    exit(1) or assert (for assert #include <assert.h>) should do the trick
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    thx everyone!
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