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Terminators / Impedance Matching

  1. Dec 18, 2008 #1
    I am not sure how the use of a terminator with an oscilloscope works.

    I have a signal going into the input of an oscilloscope and improved this signal by attaching a terminator to the input of the scope.

    The way I understand it is, that the scope has a large impedance, larger than the impedance of the source and so a voltage results which can't be overcome by the signal, so not all of the energy of the signal is absorbed; some is absorbed which results in signal being reflected back and so original signal becomes distorted.

    Can you explain if this scope is in fact a 'load' -- if it isn't, then I just have a source with an impedance and an open end (zero impedance?) and all of the signal is going to be reflected: then how is anything going to be detected?


    (p.s. i wouldn't have thought this is really an homework question)
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