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Homework Help: Terniary phase diagram

  1. May 20, 2009 #1

    Will someone please explain how one can read from this diagram that the composition is 9% NaC(8), 28% water and 63% C(10)OH when we have the smallest amount of C(10)OH to have inverted micelles in the system?
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    I believe you have to draw three lines, parallel to the axis opposite the vertex of the substance you are interested and going through the point in question. Here since you are interested in inverse micelle and lowest composition in C10OH it responds to the area i marked.


    The left axis is C10OH , right is H2O and the bottom is NaC8.

    P.S. I just googled it tbh, never seen a diagram like that before and it seemed interesting. So i might as well be wrong. You can read about it http://www.sv.vt.edu/classes/MSE2094_NoteBook/96ClassProj/experimental/ternary2.html" [Broken].
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