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TerraWatt research?

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    This company's aim is to invent new sources of alternative energy I'd like to ask you all what do you think of their projects does it make sense?

    << crackpot links deleted by Moderators >>

    Tell me what you think do they have potential or just a false hope and dream?
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    Hypo, If you do a Google search on Terawatt Research LLC (TWR) of Irvine, California, USA you find statements like:

    "In the world of exotic free energy..."

    "...harnessing the energy of intermolecular fluctuations."

    Hypo, not just a "false hope and dream". Didn't anyone teach you how to recognize BS when you see it? Just imagine, if those claims were true our entire world would change overnignt! No more oil, natural gas, coal or nuclear power plants necessary to generate our electric power...FREE ENERGY!!
    Please do not ask such questions here again.
    ps Our moderators will probably delete this entire thread before you even return to read my comments.
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