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Terrestrial phenomena significantly influenced by GR?

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    What natural terrestrial phenomena are significantly influenced by general relativity?
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    When I lift my legs up I fall down?

    The sky is dark at night?

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    Just about everything.
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    How about affect on electromagnetic phenomena?
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    Atomic clocks are sensitive enough that they "tick" noticably different depending on their elevation. There is a coordiinate time known as TAI time that is defined by averages the contributions of many different atomic clocks - it is necessary to correct for the altitude of each contributor.

    Also, the issue of defining a coordinate time over the Earth's surface involves considerations of General Relativity since the earth rotates. If you transport a clock around the rotating Earth, it won't read the same as a clock that stayed behind, no matter how slowly. This was actually done in a famous experiment.
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    Well,sure. All the hydogen atoms in my brain have a multiplet 'fine structure' (spin-orbit interaction) at every level except l = 0 which is due to relativistic effects. In fact, all of the heavy atoms have an even greater energetic split which is even more noticeable, and at an energy level which can only be determined precisely with full (mental) relativistic treatment.
    Maybe that's why they say I have a split personality. Well, at least they can't say I'm degenerate. :rofl:

    However, these are only SR effects.
    For GR effects you'll have to capture & measure the electromagnetic emissions (from my nuclear cranial radioactive decay) at several different terrestrial gravitational potentials and notice the resultant gravitational doppler shifts.
    (Please don't reveal your findings. :yuck:)

    Creator :biggrin:
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