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News Terrorism and WMD

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    How afraid should we be regarding terrorists using WMD's against innocent civilians? How likely is it that terrorists will use biological, chemical, or nuclear/radiological weapons against civilians? I've read that these guys are, by and large, educated in the relevant fields and can easily get their hands on or build their own WMD's. For example, I've read reports indicating that they can or already have gotten their hands on multiple Soviet-era suitcase nukes, and that they can get even larger ones if they wanted.

    So how worried should we be? I mean, can we trust the intelligence community to protect us?
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    So long as they are limiting the size of toothpaste tubes we can carry and inpounding our Ipods at the airport we are safe.
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    They actually have very good detectors for radioactivity.

    http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/dannywestneat/2004300343_danny23.html [Broken]

    But it's still pretty easy to make a dirty bomb. You can find instructions online.
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    i dont know yet you are naive or there is some thing wrong in this world terrorist can build nuclear weapons only if:
    I) to build a nuclear weapon you need to have a cutting edg labs
    II) you need some one who know how to build it

    III) you need very expensive lab machine
    no one will sell you radioactive material so you need your own nuclear reactor

    So i am sorry to say this but you are naive !!!! so naive
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    I don't see how anything good can come of this thread.
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