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News Terrorism is defined as the use of violence

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    Terrorism is defined as the use of violence, torture, or physical intimidation by a group or organization as a means of forcing others to satisfy its demands. The war on terrorism between the United States and the terrorists is a conflict never experienced before in American history. Some would argue that the guerrilla tactic used by both sides in the Vietnam war is the same kind of tactic employed by the United States and the terrorists. The difference, however, is that the military tactic employed by the terrorists is a corrupt evolution from guerrilla to terror (from non-conventional to non-ethical). However the U.S. is not willing to take the war on terrorism to the appropriate level. In the movie "Untouchables", Jim Malone advises Elliot Ness that "when dealing with the Mafia, if they send one of your's to the hospital, you send one of their's to the morgue" and then asks "what are you prepared to do?" Perhaps a more appropriate question should be what would Machiavelli do?

    The U.S. military needs to withdraw all conventional forces immediately from Iraq. The whole premise for going to war with that country was to disarm it of its' weapons of mass destruction (which the U.S. sold them). I supported the war effort because I believed the Bush Administration was telling the truth. Unfortuneatly, it appears the American people were deceived into fighting a war for oil and almost 750 crack U.S. troops have been killed helping to promote greed rather than defend the homeland. Once the military withdraws, it can regroup and reformulate better combat tactics to be used in the war on terrorism.

    Accordingly, the U.S. needs to begin training anti-terrorist cells (with Arabic code names that translate into al-gabang, al-gaboom etc). These cells will be sent into countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya for the express purpose of covert operations to find, kill and terrorize all pro-terrorist cells. As for prisoners, they should be drugged with sodium pentathol until they provide information and then be executed. At the end of the day when the terrorist comes home to find his family and house blown to smithereens, he may begin to re-consider the consequences of his actions. Unfortuneatly, innocent family members of these terrorists will have to face the same fate many U.S. citizens did on September 11, 2001. The question that remains before the American people however is what are YOU prepared to do?
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    I appreciate your opinion, but one thing I am not prepared to do is become my enemy. We are better than they are.
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    Abu Ghraib.
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    As long as you live in a democracy, that point does not stand...
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    In the movie swordfish john travolta suggest blowing up four of 'their planes' for every one of ours. I love the idea of revenge, on the surface - it is so satisfying.
    However, in reality, those civilians that would be splattered across the television screen would not deserve it, no matter the message that it brought to the enemy.

    Iraq will be made whole. All of the same arguments made about Iraq were made in Germany and Korea. I love that it's still "all about oil", as we hand more power to the Iraqis, work with the UN to prepare for elections in less than a year, and may I remind you that Saddam does not have WMD (for sure ;), not that it ever matteredif he did when discussing the reasons on going to war ).
    Seems our society of wanting everything right away with no challenges even applies to politics and war.
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    It seems the pressure becomes to much. Bush learned something.

    Bush: Not all Iraqi rebels are terrorists
    02/06/2004 - 13:15:19

    Iraqis fighting American troops are not all terrorists, President George Bush said in an interview today, and he insisted he could understand their distaste for occupation.

    Bush told Paris Match magazine that “no one would want to be in the place” of Iraqis under occupation.

    “They are not all terrorists,” Bush said in the Oval Office. “The suicide bombers are, but other fighters aren’t. They can’t stand being occupied.”

    “That’s why we are giving them back their sovereignty,” he added, a reference to US plans to hand over control of the country to an interim Iraqi government on June 30.

    Will this count also for Palestines? Probably not.
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