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Terry Giblin Double Split Experiment

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    “Can the Young's Double Split Experiment, be improved?”

    "The Uncertainty Principle says that such a better experiment does not exist."

    Einstein tried in vain, to devise a better measurement.

    "Many good men have tried"

    The problem is with the first statement, it implies that experiment itself is incomplete, and by doing so defend it's own uncertainty principle.

    The Uncertainty Principle is just one of several deduced from the Schrodinger Equation.

    From the Schrodinger equation, the wavefunction of the electron can be shown to be

    L = h / (2 * m ( E - V ))^1/2

    L is the wavelength and ( E – V ) is the kinetic energy of the particle.

    Important to note

    The wavelength increases as the kinetic energy decreases, and is infinite when the particle is at rest.

    Or more importantly, at the moment an electron is at rest, its position is known but cannot be read, accept to say that with a probability of 1 it is within the infinitesimal volume element, defined by the experiment.

    This equation also implies that an electron and a photon cannot, exist together.

    Either an electron or photon, but not both!

    Two electrons cannot occupy the space therefore neither can two photons.

    As this theory predicted and has been experimentally verified and confirmed repeatedly by the YDSE, when an electron is allowed to come to rest, without external interference, all possible wavelengths must be superimposed.

    A theory can stand up to many tests, but will eventual fail if proven wrong by one.

    Change the probability of 1, of the electron being at rest mass by as much as the uncertainty principle value, and its kinetic energy (E-V) will always be greater than zero. - simply wait for the experiment to finish completely and analysis the results, objectively and truthly.

    The path of the electron only comes into existence if we attempt to observe it.
    The Terry Giblin Double Split Theory (TG = OCS)
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    Which immediately raises the question, "what is an electron?", "what is a photon?"

    They say a picture paints a thousand words (small picture attachment).

    Is duality a property of the electron or photon, or that of the observer.
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    Missing attachment!

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    Chaos may prevail but it is left to the electron or photon to decide, using a six dimensional dice.
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