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Tesla Coil primary part help

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    Hi everyone
    i am building a 1.8KW tesla tower and i have a problem
    i couldn't make the primery part round because the wire was too strong, does that effect my design and will it work ?
    [PLAIN]http://im13.gulfup.com/2011-11-01/1320190449301.jpg [Broken]
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    Not sure it really makes a difference. One of the things you must be careful with is that you must avoid having sharp edges on the high voltage side (e.g. using a foil dryer duct), or you will have partial discharges on the edges.
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    Dear All
    thanks in advance for you corporation, we decided to get back to our design after the final exams.
    we tested the final settings but unfortunately it didn't work for some reason. we used a software called Tesla Coil CAD and it displayed the following data, please if anyone can figure out the sources of problem
    Note: our electrical system is 60Hz while the program calculate at 50Hz

    Data :

    Filename: tesla.tes

    Secondary Coil Design
    Diameter of secondary coil : 112.50mm
    Winding height of secondary coil : 571.50mm
    Wire diameter for secondary coil : 0.50mm
    Spacing between windings : 0.00mm
    Secondary turns : 1143.00
    Secondary wire length : 403.97m
    Secondary inductance : 26.16mH
    Approximate resonant frequency : 321.31kHz
    Secondary quarter wavelength resonant frequency : 185.66kHz
    Secondary self capacitance : 9.38pF
    Toroid capacitance required to form quarter wavelength coil : 18.71pF

    Primary Coil Design
    Primary capacitance : 0.0221uF
    Primary resonant frequency : 185.66kHz
    Secondary coil diameter : 11.45mm
    Primary conductor diameter : 8.00mm
    Primary turn to turn spacing : 8.00mm
    Spacing between the secondary and the inside turn of the primary : 12.00mm
    The primary will need to be tapped between turn 13 and turn 14 to form a resonant circuit at 185.66kHz

    The approximate inductance at each turn is :

    Turn 1 0.07uH
    Turn 2 0.28uH
    Turn 3 0.68uH
    Turn 4 1.34uH
    Turn 5 2.33uH
    Turn 6 3.69uH
    Turn 7 5.51uH
    Turn 8 7.84uH
    Turn 9 10.74uH
    Turn 10 14.28uH
    Turn 11 18.52uH
    Turn 12 23.52uH
    Turn 13 29.35uH
    Turn 14 36.07uH
    Turn 15 43.74uH

    Note: The Primary Coil Design is not using the Secondary Coil Design diameter
    Note: The Primary Coil Design is not using the calculated Neon Transformer / Primary Capacitor Matching Value

    Neon Transformer / Primary Capacitor Matching
    Transformer secondary voltage : 15.00kV
    Transformer secondary current : 120.00mA
    Number of transformers : 1
    Primary capacitor required to form a resonant circuit at 50Hz with neon transformer(s) : 0.0255uF

    Required sphare topload with 168 mm Radius
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