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Tesla Coil Project - Need Help Please

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    I've built a NST 15kV tesla coil and I hooked it up today and it kinda didn't work. I'm wondering if anyone would like to help me as it's a school project and needs to be finished ASAP so if anyone might have any idea's / advice, that would be amazing!

    Pictures of all my parts: http://imgur.com/a/aoHBA

    If you want to help I can send more pictures of all my parts and tell you how I wire it all up as it could just be a problem like that but please could someone reply ASAP as I really need help quickly.

    Also, I'm always on my email so I'll reply faster if you reply to me here: traveltyler27@gmail.com

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    Define "doesn't work". Is the spark gap firing? Is there sparking anywhere else? Have you verified that your transformer is operational? As far as I can tell, it should be a transformer/rectifier. The picture you have of your "transformer" box seems to be empty.

    Keep in mind that high voltage is involved. Make sure you unplug the whole thing before you approach it, then short out the capacitor bank using something with well-insulated handle.

    You really should have someone around who knows what they are doing, though.
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    Sorry for not going into detail, I will do that now.

    -The spark gap fires and works perfectly, sparks jump across the copper tubes.
    -The transformer works and is operational, the picture of it there is just with the cover off showing the wiring at the top, I haven't got a side on picture of it.
    -I'm not stupid about this project and new all about the safety requirements, each capacitor has a bleed resistor on it for extra caution and I do wait before touching it.
    -Also I have my teacher who looks after me but he's not really knowledgeable about the inner workings of a tesla coil which is why I have come here.

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    For a tesla coil to work the primary and secondary circuits have to resonate at exactly the same frequency. What are you using as a tuning device to adjust resonant frequency?
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    If spark gap is firing, you should be getting some output voltage on secondary. So yeah, it might be matter of tuning.
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