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Tesla coil

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    Is anyone familiar with the Tesla magnatic fueless generator and the associated Tesla coil set up, I have some basic engineering questions before making the coil eg. can three 200V 1uf capacitors in series be used instead of one 600V 1uf capacitor (which is difficult and expensive to purchase)?
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    magnetic generator

    I am currently building a magnetic generator from two sets of plans bought from the internet.The plans are for the same generator, two magnet rotor discs (disk 1ft, magnets 2" sq), one each side of the stator made up of 6 coils of 17AWG wire (100 turns). The wires from the stator then go to 2 rectifiers, then the plans differ, one set of plans says to connect the Pos & Neg from the rectifiers straight to your solar battery bank (24V) the other shows quite a complex set up going through a circuit with a 600V 1uf capacitor then through a coil with primary/secondary windings over an 8mm solid copper rod to the earth. Can anyone explain the different outcome from each unit, which should I build? I am obviouly looking for the maximum amps I can achieve, from what I can tell, they produce very high voltage but possibly low amperage, are there any calculations for this or is it trial and error?
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    Re: magnetic generator

    These wouldn't happen to be some sort of "free energy" scam thing, would they? Is there an obvious source of power for them? Or is it just a normal induction generator?
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    You would need 9 of such capacitors in series-parallel, and you'd need resistors to equalize voltage.
    I'd make the capacitor myself with aluminium baking foil and thin plastic wrapper of same width (as purchased at grocery store, width 29cm will do). Take a rod few centimeters longer than width of the foil, wrap foil right next to one end (1 turn), wrap the plastic wrapper around the middle (N turns , twice the breakdown voltage), wrap foil right next to other end, wrap the plastic wrapper, foil to first end, etc. You attach terminals at either end. The resulting capacitor has very low inductance.
    I did that a while back for 30kv capacitor.
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    Re: magnetic generator

    I merged your two related threads.

    "Free energy", perpetual motion machines, and "fuelless generators" are not permitted topics for discussion on the PF. You need to clarify what you are trying to do.
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    They are only a scam in the way they are promoted, they are not a true scam as they are selling Tesla Patent plans and they do refund your money if you are not happy. I bought many plans out of curiousity, most are more like back yard experiments producing around 2 or 3 ma. The one I am building is the only one that showed potential to produce enough amps to trickle charge my solar battery bank. This one apparantly works by drawing from the battery and returning about 4-5 times what it draws via the permanent magnets. Having said that, do you have any thoughts on my question, I forgot to mention that the plans showing the additional circuit also has a spark gap in it before going to the primary and secondary coil.
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    Yes, I have a thought. You cannot recover more energy back out of the mechanism than you put in, whether there are magnets or not. That would be called "Free Energy", and it does not work. Please don't waste your time on pursing such things.
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