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Tesla, free energy?

  1. May 4, 2015 #1
    I am not a physicist but I do have a question, is it really possible to have zero point energy? Is the free energy related to Tesla the same thing as dark energy? When you are taught physics in college are you taught something like that? (planning to start physics as a career by next year) and I don't think that this is going to be answered but if you make a huge discovery, is the goverment going to hide it?
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    Tesla and everyone else is wrong about sucking free energy out of the universe. Your physics education will tell you why.
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    Is it because it is not possible or because no one's discovered it yet? Or is it related to conservating energy? I am really interested in worm holes
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    No one has discovered how, using only my mind, I can make your head explode. Do you think it's possible?
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    Two very risky points, that would overturn whole human knowledge:
    -free energy
    -gov trying to hide something that instead could be taxed heavily

    No, dark energy, is an actual scientific concept. However it's evidence is somewhat controversial and speculative:

    Sorry, if my behaviour is offensive, I come from a country where Tesla related conspiracy theories are not fashionable. (We've got out own)

    [Angry moderator coming with an axe in 3... 2...]
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    That's the sort of statement that makes me want to tell people to grow up.
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    People's inability to make Tesla's designs work isn't an issue of dark governments covering it up, it's simply an issue of Tesla having been wrong. Believe it or not, even Einstein was wrong on a good number of things.
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    Not angry, just going to point out a couple of PF rules... :smile:

    @koneko369 -- Welcome to the PF.

    Please review the PF rules that you agreed to when you joined here. They can be found under the Info link at the top of the page.

    It is good that you are going to pursue a physics education -- as has been mentioned, you will find answers to many of your questions through that education. In the mean time, I would avoid doing much reading about Tesla, and definitely steer clear of any conspiracy theories. There are much more useful things to do with your time.

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