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Disclaimer: I'm a gullible person.

Tesla, Moray and Hutchinson have all claimed to have created devices that can produce energy without recharging and without any visible input.

Tesla's device was supposedly destroyed. He is dead.

Plans to Moray's device were supposedly stolen and the device itself destroyed. He is dead.

Not many believe Hutchinson, but he's still active and still cooking up devices.

Tesla called the source of his power "ether". If I remember correctly, Moray called it "zero-point" energy. Hutchinson has also mentioned this "zero-point" energy but he doesn't really care for the math behind his experiments.

Does anyone have a possibly simplish explanation as to what this "zero-point" energy might be and how to tap it? Or could someone point me to scientific explanations of what it might be?

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i don't know

i've heard of at least two of the things you're talking about. with tesla, his idea was to backfeed a HUGE amount of electricity into the earth, and create a fundamentally harmonic ac field with major termini. he said that it was akin to pushing water into a waterballoon and getting a jet out of the opening. he didn't say that his system didn't need input, just that it needed a large starting pulse, and from there would work like a siphon, using the ionosphere and the earth's crust as two plates of the world's larges capacitor, with us living on one side of the dielectric.
as for the other "zero-point" theories, i'm inclined to say that they may be manifestations of resonant coils that somehow are resonant to the GHz range cosmic microwave background.
not certain about that, and wish i could help you more...
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I am alway happy to hear people looking into free energy claims. I do this in my free time, as well as do some claiming of my own. Anyway, here is a good site:
Please don't diss the site until you have read everything, really, I do mean it.
Now I don't know much about Tesla and Moray, but I've seen the pictures and videos of what Hutchinson has done to objects. He has made objects of all types float, made metals melt without heat, TRANSMUTE the elements of these metals, cause some to get hot, cause transparency, cause dissimilar objects to 'meld', even cause a very strong molybdenum rod to bend like a snake! And he doesn't even know how he does it! Now I'm pretty sure this will be transported to the Theory Development page soon, but I want to add that the 'Hutchinson Effect' has been well recorded and is show almost daily on one of my local discovery channels with the sound byte: "How can this be possible?" every time. This hardly counts as theory because it is actually pure, unpredictable experiment and has no background theory.
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Originally posted by kernelpenguin
Disclaimer: I'm a gullible person.

Tesla, Moray and Hutchinson have all claimed to have created devices that can produce energy without recharging and without any visible input.

doesnt this claim of energy without input the same as of the crackpoters who claim there can be a device of perpetual motion?
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According to Mills' theory, free energy (and thus the long-sought "perpetum mobile") is possible. Then again, it's just a theory :)

By the way, Tesla, Moray and Hutchinson have all claimed that their experiments have something to do with different frequencies and resonance. Particularily free energy experiments.

Now, Tesla worked on several official "energy transfer" projects where energy is "broadcasted" and received hundreds of miles away. His experiments in this field all worked. He even got such a power station half-built before it was torn down by government officials. Later on in his life he studied crystals. Crystals supposedly hold great static charges in their structure. (Didn't Coulomb prove this once?) What if he managed to release this energy somehow or maybe "tune" the crystals to the same frequency as some other naturally occuring electromagnetic wave frequency? Tesla studied crystals and made his free energy claims. Moray used special "crystal pellets" in vacuum and made his free energy claims. Hutchinson (if I remember correctly) cooks different things in a pressurized oven and is now making his free energy claims.

Does the connection between crystal structures, resonance frequencies and free energy sound plausible to anyone?
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i don't know if this should be in here...

i was just looking at the "negative resistor" here, and noticed that it seems to be in the configuration of an inverted wheatstone bridge. if the resistance of one or both of the two non-loading arms of the circuit is less than one or both of the two loading arms, then a potential difference is created across them, allowing the dc to "jump ship" onto one or both of these arms, and wander into another part of the circuit. or is it? tell me what you think.
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Zero-point enrgy is a real enough thing in quantum physics, it is the energy that a system has at absolute zero.

As a general rule of thumb such claims as in the OP are crackpottery and unless backed up with rigourous scientifc evidence.
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Yes, one must be careful about FE and ZPE, Thomas Bearden doesn't just make bizarre claims, he has a whole theory to back it up. As to the Neg. Res., I've never been able to figure what that's about, so I've largly ignored it.
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This Zero Gravity idea which is very exciting in itself, would have great potential if it could be controlled totally - however this has proven impossible so far.
The cons far outway the pro's... in theory, if anything were not to be calculated correctly, the effects can be devistating. Hiroshima would seem like a firecracker in comparison. maybe this is why extensive government testing has not been made public yet??
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This is exactly the sort of thing that confuses me as well. Read my post titled, "Simple Quest Leads to Deep Problem" above.

I'd read about Tesla in the past and while honestly believing that he was onto something (I can be gullible too, I guess) was at a complete loss regarding understanding.

After coming up with that simplistic analogy that concluded with thinking of radiation as an illusion of energy/mass that is in two places at the same time, I was rather shocked to find a quote from Tesla regarding atomic power. He warned about using it because "radiation is an illusion." Why would he say such a thing?

Then I started thinking about the limitless supply of free electrons in the earth and wondering where they came from. Then I started thinking about one of Tesla's patents where a capacitor is charged day or night merely by being connected to the ground and to a plate suspended in the air. It works--it just doesn't produce energy in a form or quantity that is readily usable.

Then I started thinking of Tesla's obsession with resonance of different objects and how he seemed to conclude that both the earth itself and its atmosphere can be made to resonate--but at different frequencies.

Then there are his experiments by which all accounts show that he did transmit usable amounts of power wirelessly--both through the air and through the earth itself.

Then there is the apparent fact that the earth is continually loosing electrons to the ionosphere, yet the ionosphere remains essentially "neutral" in charge. So where are the positively charged ions in the atmosphere coming from? Perhaps the ionosphere is also loosing electrons to the earth, but at a faster rate than being received from the earth. This starts to sound (to me) as if it is just radiation in yet another form--or at least behaving the same... But again where are those electrons coming from?

Now it gets really bizarre. If you go back to Tesla claiming that radiation is an "illusion", you have to ask, "An illusion of what?" Perhaps an illusion of matter/energy in different places at the same time?

I know that sounds really weird, but now jump to Wardynclyffe where Tesla seems to have been wanting to provide power BOTH through the earth and the atmosphere simultaneously. I believe he considered these (earth/atmosphere) as distinct objects each receiving energy/matter from the sun in different forms--or at least different frequencies and then interacting among themselves (the earth/atmosphere). I think he wanted to upset this balance slightly to allow some additional part of the energy/mass from the sun to directly arrive inside the earth without flowing first through the atmosphere. This energy/mass had to arrive in the earth at its natural resonant frequency to be usable. This conduction route to the ionosphere would be at an extremely high frequency and could be used as a "carrier wave" for other frequencies like radio.

I rather suspect that Tesla would say that the ways we utilize solar power today are inherently inefficient because they only utilize the "illusion" of the power--not the actual source.
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I have read about this too but why not try to find a solution after claiming it's inefficiency rather than simply criticise?