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Tesla Tower and Free Energy

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    We are two students trying to build a small scale Tesla Tower (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardenclyffe_Tower) that perhaps would transmit electrical energy wirelessly through a house. But first, before we start building this, we are starting on a small scale electrical energy transmitter (http://www.tfcbooks.com/patents/tower.htm). Would you please give us your opinion on the subject? We would like to know if this is possible to build and if his theories which date a century ago are still applicable today (and if not, what makes this impossible).
    Thank you!
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    Energy IS carried by radio waves. It happens all the time for small power per square meter in all radio and television broadcasting, Bluetooth, etc. It happens also at high power per surface in microwave ovens. In Tesla time, it was not clear if it was better to transmit electrical power with power lines or by others means, as radio waves. You can try to do it in your home. It is not very efficient and you risk violating FCC regulations if you are in USA and similar laws in other countries.
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    There was some guy in the US (I think) who lived under large powerlines and he built a large magnetic coil within his loft which would have electric currents induced in it from the powerlines over his house. He got free electricity, until the drain was noticed on the grid and he got busted.

    Got to admit, it's a pretty clever way of stealing.
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    I think that was tells AlphaNumeric is just a hoax. When you go to real figures, it doesn't seem feasible.
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    In any case, you probably don't have enough electricity running to your house to power a tesla coil with enough juice to power ordinary appliances. They are that wasteful.
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    well, you know, we're just two high school students trying to get to the science fair finals
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