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    1. 1) You have a brass bar and an aluminum bar which are fastened to two immovable walls and theres an air gap between them. At a certain temperature, the gap measures a certain amount. What temperature will cause the gap to close?

    2) A tennis ball starts from rest rolls down a hill and at the end of the hill becomes airborne. (diagram) Find the horizontal range that the ball drops in.

    3) a woman leans against a wall. Find the forces on the woman. Theres horizontal force on her due to the wall and theres two forces vertical and horizontal on her shoes to the floor. Find them all. (forces due to wall on woman, forces due to ground on woman)

    4) You have a radiator in car which is filled with a coolant at a certain temperature.Temperature increases to a very high number when car is operable. The radiator and the coolant gives off a spillage. Calculate the amount of spillage. (copper)

    5) You have a fuel pump (in a car) and fuel is going at a certain rate and it has a certain density and radius of the fuel line. Find the speed at which the fuel will move through the line?

    3. To what topics ( e.g. Work, Momentum, Torque, etc) do these statement relate to? for example, #2 i think relates or has to do with kinetic energy, what do you think about the rest of them?
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