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Test, ignore

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    edit: moderator, please delete this post.
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    aw crud - - I looked
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    You know, maybe this thread shouldn't be deleted, but instead left as a psychology experiment to see how curious PF members are...
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    We used to have threads at another forum [spymac] and we have used...

    "Don't reply to this thread"
    "Shortest thread ever"
    "Ignore my post"

    and etc, and they all are pretty funny to see after awhile, tho this is a smaller amount of ppl and probably a lot smarter then spymac so we will see.
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    Ahh, I couldn't resist.

    Maybe there is something to this whole "Forbidden fruit" thing after all.
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    jimmy p

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    LOL now im interested!!! lucky im not a cat or curiosity may get the better of me. Stupid cats. Even if i have 4 of them (soon to be more YAY KITTENS!!!)
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    Guess my curiosity got the better of me too..
    You know what'd be really funny? If everytime someone ignored the "ignore" command, they got a virus sent to their computer. I remember on the home page of a friend of mine, he had the link "Do not click this" and all those that clicked it got a virus on their computer. Not that I'm giving anyone ideas..
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