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Test results_composite

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    Recentlly we tested a composite panel for uniform pressure load and tablulated the deflection at few location where we were intersted.But when I tried to use hand equations to calculate the stiffness/deflection and I got totally diffefrent results for deflection.Actually deflections are more in hand eqations.

    Now am I wondering which deflection to use to calculate stiffness.

    If I use from hand results, stiffness (total load from pressure /deflection)is not acceptable because sfiffness is small than required.

    Can anyone tell what I am missing?

    Thanks in adwanse.
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    How did you come up with your values of stiffness and so? Was thinking whether the theoretical background you utilized is able to take account the properties of your panel, in case it's a more complex lamina/laminate (several layers which are orthotropic for example).
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