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Test Taking

  1. Apr 2, 2009 #1
    There was great input on Studying smarter, thanks everyone.
    Now when it comes to test taking itself are there any suggestions?
    All relevant input welcome.
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    Eat a good breakfast!
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    Some tips that have worked for me:
    - get as much sleep as possible
    - study from the exams of previous years
    - once you've covered the material, come up with your own set of likely questions and prepare answers for those
    - optimize time during the test: allot time in proportion the the marking scheme
    - answer every question (unless it's one of those multiple choice exams where you're penalized for wrong answers, in which case you use a weighting strategy for guessing)
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    Have a positive mental attitude going into the test. If you're all nervous and sure you're going to fail, it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. As long as you prepare properly, just relax and be confident that you know the answers.

    I've seen many of my fellow students who absolutely know the material, but when the test rolls around, they choke.
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    make sure you know your material thoroughly at least 2 nights before. skim over it the night before. don't study the day of the test.

    I know that's kind of hard to achieve when you have multiple college classes at the same time, but that's the ideal study habit.
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    Testing is all about mentality. You've got to walk into that room like you own the place, bordering on arrogance that you know the material so well (even if you don't!). Convincing yourself that you can and will handle this test with relative ease is the ticket! All of this along with having total confidence in your answers and solutions (of course you can check over everything before you finish, but don't second guess yourself simply for the sake of doing it!).

    This has always worked for me, and I enjoy taking tests.
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