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*Test Your Logical Skills*

  1. Jun 30, 2008 #1
    Hi all,:smile:

    I have been around in physics forums for quite some time and have always worked around the homework help section or the science advisory forum.It is after so many days that i find a place to relax and share some knowledgeable things with my excellent colleagues on the forum.

    Starting today, as i near my 300th post ( and a long way to go! :approve:), i start a thread where anybody and everybody is invited.A place where I post some very tricky brain challenging puzzles and questions which require excellent thinking skills, logical power and reasoning ability, which i am sure all the members of this brilliant forum possess.

    Questions relate to daily life and are very simple but sensible.A question can be answered by anybody and as is the case that these questions can have many possible answers but the most 'logical' one will be accepted.

    I start a journey today and hope you all come along.

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    Here is the first one and a pretty simple one:

    A man is hiking up a snowy mountain, he comes across a cabin.
    Inside the cabin is a small fire and two dead men.
    How did they die? (They did not burn to death.)

    Start the Show.
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  5. Jun 30, 2008 #4
    carbon monoxide
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    Thanks for the start. Nice try.
    It is not the answer.
  7. Jun 30, 2008 #6
    The above reply is meant for Bryanp.

    Andre hits the bull's eye.If a more logical answer does not come, then Andre goes with the accolades.
  8. Jun 30, 2008 #7
    This is for you Andre ( the level goes a bit up!):

    Two men enter a bar. They both order identical drinks. One lives; the other dies.
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    No answers?

    Question Open For All.
  10. Jun 30, 2008 #9
    One of them is immune for the germs in it.
  11. Jun 30, 2008 #10
    Not This Time Bro.It is much more Deeper.
    In fact it requires Physics and chemistry both!.

    Come on Guys.
  12. Jun 30, 2008 #11
    Ok silly try.
    Both order alcohol.
    One gets ethanol, the other gets methanol (poisonous)
  13. Jun 30, 2008 #12
    The evening was sultry and I was thirsty. I was sitting in a bar nursing my shot and beer that I had received earlier that day when two men, let's call them Gaston and Alphonse, enter.

    Gaston grew up in Chicago's notorious South Side, the product of a broken house. The family was OK, it was the house that was broken. He has a scar on his cheek from when he scratched himself falling down 300 flights of steps as a toddler. He looks at the bartender, sizes him up, and orders a Pink Lady.

    The bartender nods approval, but in fact doesn't know how to mix a Pink Lady. They only pour shots and beers here. While smiling on the outside, inwardly there is a great struggle going on. He had grown up in Fargo, North Dakota, on the rough side of town. He limped from an injury he received in one foot while trying to shoot himself in the other. He was taunted mercilessly about it his whole life. Now with the mixed drink order, he feels that his entire reason for being has been challenged and not for the first time either. He pours a shot and a beer, slides it over and says "Use your imagination chum."

    Alphonse is a Walkman (TM) salesman from South Jersey. Handsome, dapper, but with a speech impediment. Good at what he does, he has been selling Walkmen like they were going out of style. To celebrate his success, he had come into the bar looking for his girlfriend, Peaches Capone.

    The bartender, already in a bad mood, snarls at Alphonse. "What do you want?", he growls. Alphonse, taken aback, stammers "I'm l-l-looking for a p-p-pink l-l-lady."

    The bartender snaps. He pulls a rifle out from under the bar and takes careful aim at the middle of Alphonse's unibrow and pulls the trigger. The bartender is a lousy shot, and even from a distance of 2 inches he missed, plugging me in the big toe and killing me instantly.
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    Excellent solution Jimmy

    What ever it is, there are several solutions, for instance, one doesn't drink, the other drinks both. One had a random stroke, etc, etc. Chemical and physical? A quickly decomposing poison? One drinks fast, the other slow?

    The test would be nicer if there was only one feasible solution. The others obviously bouncing on a given detail.
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    One had already been drinking prior to entering the bar, and the Long Island Iced Tea they both ordered was enough to give the already inebriated one alcohol poisoning, while the other one was perfectly fine since it was only his first drink of the night.
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    elaborate solution moonbear :)
  17. Jun 30, 2008 #16
    They ordered a drink on the rocks. One downed it in less than a minute, and the other slowly sipped his drink while the ice melted. Contained in the ice was arsenic from a rat trap that fell into the ice maker.

    So the one who sipped slowly died due to the arsenic contaminating his drink, and the other's ice didn't have a chance to melt so he lived.
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    Are we still talking about logical skills, or is it already a SF contest?
  19. Jul 1, 2008 #18
    Thanks buddies , for all your attempts and answers.Nice to see your growing interest.

    Moonbear's answer was also reasonable but it was dependent on the fact that one man was drinking from before.

    Jimmy's answer was also excellent but more than logic , it was a theoretical explanation of his own mind.

    Dyslexichobo came close , in fact much close to it , and out of all the above answers, was the most satisfactory.

    Thank you all, DyslexicHobo takes the accolades.

  20. Jul 1, 2008 #19
    Take this, a perfectly daily life question.

    A woman throws something out a window and dies.
    What causes her death? (Not more than 2 answers are possible).

    Also I decided to make a points table for the contest:


    1.Andre - 10 points
    2.DyslexicHobo- 10 points
    3.Moonbear-5 points
    4.Jimmy-5 points
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  21. Jul 1, 2008 #20
    1. She tossed a bag of complimentary peanuts out a window and died of massive trauma.
    2. She tossed her husband out a window and died of a broken neck.

    I believe these are the two possibilites you had in mind.
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