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B Testability of cosmology

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    What parts of cosmology can be tested positively in the lab, and what parts can be tested for via electromagnetic radiation .
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    Cosmology is a broad subject area. Try to be more specific.
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    There are so many papers and methods of testing for, 1 Dark Matter one can not keep up with the results, so question 1 is what are the results so far and has a single particle been found for Dark Matter?
    The same can be said for Gravitational Radiation, there are so many experiments on going that one can not keep up, read them all, so question 2 is what are the results so far for detecting GR?
    Again the same for Dark Energy, what are the results so far?
    I could keep asking questions but this is enough so far.

    Thank you for your time.
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    And your questions basically amount to saying that you want someone to write a review article about the state of research in cosmology. That's not what PF is here for. If you want links to references that might provide a good summary, you could ask for that. Or if you have questions about a particular result or prediction, you could ask about that. But the questions you are asking here are too broad. Thread closed.
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