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News Testimony Before Congress on the U.N. 'Oil for Food' Scandal

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    I haven't searched for this on the .gov site. When I find it, I'll post that as well unless someone beats me to it. (hint hint)
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    Good job kat. I'm tired of hearing propaganda about the president not getting permission from other countries to defend the United States. The other countries (our peace loving neighbors) and the UN were bought and paid for, even before George W. Bush was president. It's funny to hear these countries accuse us of having a war for oil, when it was oil that bought their support for the butcher of Bagdad in the first place. This is the price of human lives. Despicable.
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    Non-issue. These are individuals and entities, not governments. Funny, though...if the "liberal" restrictions on big business were in place, this sort of thing could be less common.
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    Huh? did you read the whole testimony? non-issue? and what "liberal" restrictions?
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    Unless its Haliburton of course... :rolleyes:
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