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Testing Ground in a Building

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    We have jack in our lab that is suppose to be connected to ground, but the building is old, and we are not sure if we can trust that it is actually connected to ground. Is there a way to test the ground? If so, what is that way?


    Dr. Erzaask
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    Is this an electrical question or a mechanical one?
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    This is an electrical question.

    We would like to know if we connected our system to the rooms electrical ground socket, the system is actually ground. We want to be able to test the electrical ground in the building. Also when I say ground socket, I do not mean the third prong on a wall socket. There is an actual ground socket in the lab room that is labeled ground.
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    Well I don't know where in the world you are but most places have their own national codes about such grounds and their testing.

    On problem which such local grounds is that require periodic retesting because the conditions at the local ground terminal where it is connected to ground may change with time.
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    You can just buy one of these testers at the hardware store for about $10:

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