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Testing, please ignore

  1. Jul 23, 2007 #1
    One fine day I was going about my business when I heard that the Maths Tower at Manchester University was to be demolished. I was shocked. To me it was an inspirational icon of learning, the thing that put the campus on the skyline, on the map, and on the picture postcards. I used to sit on the seventeenth floor in a class, learning about gates and induction from the likes of Tom Kilburn, godfather of Computer Science. I listened intently with the cityscape before me and Jodrell Bank behind. I learned a lot in that Maths Tower. It shaped my life, it was my beacon. And now it’s gone.

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    Where is(/was) that tower? Is it just off oxford road? I presume it was knocked down due to the amalgamation of UMIST and the University of Manchester.

    (Sorry, I didn't ignore the thread!)
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    You've gotta know that the surest way to get a scientist to investigate something is to tell him/her to ignore it. :tongue:

    This could end up being longer than the Thread Killer thread.:rolleyes:
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    :rofl: I was just curious!! :blushing:
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