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Testla theories

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    know i know i'm on the lower end of the IQ scale in this forum but try to bear with me. I'm trying to combine few Testla models and designs to produce "free" energy. My plans are to measure the energy output from a antenna "the size you would find on a old house" then building a Testla coil that could handle the output, then finally measuring the output again.

    Now a 7ft tall Testla coil can provide enough energy to power between 10-20 single family homes. My plans are not that grand. My ultimate goal is to power a single home "mine" but if there's extra i won't complain.

    My question to all of you is if you have tried something like this and found any faults, problems etc to post your results etc here and if anyone els shares my enthusiasm I always love a good collaboration.
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    Welcome to PF!

    The name is Tesla, he was indeed a genius, but he never invented a system to extract free energy from air. That's a myth created by crackpots. And sorry, but we don't discuss free energy here. Thread locked.
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