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Tests in Fluid Dynamics

  1. Mar 2, 2008 #1
    Hello everyone, this actually happens to be my first post on PF. So, this question is a rather basic one, however the conversion between theoretical and experimental is not going so well. So, here is the initial question/dilemma:

    Is it possible to blow across the top of a straw so fast that the fluid inside rises up and follows the path of your exhalation? If not, at what velocity does the air have to flow in order to decrease the pressure enough to allow the fluid to rise up and out of the straw?

    Well then, that is the problem and I have been occasionally dabbling back into the problem (last summer I spent two weeks developing ways to provide solutions to this problem and how to compare this to what the max velocity of human exhalation may be), but recently it has been brought back up by my roommate. I am going to rework some equations, but I was curious if anyone had any suggestions for ways to experiment using an air compressor and how to convert gauge PSI to velocity.

    Hopefully, one of you have tackled a similar or the same problem and can lend some help either in ideas or new looks at it, or even data that could help.

    Thank you all very much, and if you would like I can post some of my equations and work up to now.

    B.W. Elbert
    Ohio University
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