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.tex file won

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    I am trying to open a .tex file. When I clicked on it, it asked what program I wanted to use to open the thing. So I selected wordpad. The thing opened up in wordpad with a blank document. When I selected print preview, it allowed me to scroll through 4 blank pages. Here' s the thing...there are 2 other .tex files which asked me the same thing when I tried to open them AND when I said wordpad, or notepad or Internet Explorer, they opened fine.

    Is the file corrupted and is there a program that can fix it without losing information. It won' t open in either Internet Explorer or Notepad.
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    .tex file?

    Do you mean .txt file
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    He probably means a latex source file.
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    .txt file infact. Is there any chance of recovering the information?
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    When you right click on the file and go to properties, does the file have a size?
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    It is 22.4 kb roughly the same size as the other ones....the ones that open fine.
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    Any suggestions?
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    try opening with an editor like editplus.com
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    If you can't open it with notepad or wordpad your probably out of luck. You could try copying the file to another computer and seeing if it's viewable.
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    Try a text editor that supports binary/hex, like ultraedit.com .
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    Windows breeds so many stupid and bad habits in people.

    A .tex file is just text file. The data in it is exactly the same as a .txt file. If its not opening in wordpad (i wouldn't use notepad, it does not even do ASCII properly), then there is something wrong with it. There is nothing to fix it with, its just a text file.

    I swear Windows is the seed of all technological idiocy (this isn't a criticism of you by any means, so please don't take it as one, I'm just ranting. Its not your fault if all you've ever used is an OS that treats you like a retarded infant with downs syndrome whose had 3 lobotomies and all his limbs amputated).
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