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Tex tag problem not fixed

  1. May 25, 2007 #1
    About that tex peroblem I have reported earlier, can someone explain why it was not fixed yet? How hard could it be to escape a character?
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    What tex problem?
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    the reportng thread was hidden for admin eyes only (about a month ago, I think).
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    I believe the problem was corrected.

    We appreciate your help in finding the error, I apologize if no one contacted you to thank you. In the future, please pm the admins or a mentor directly instead of posting here so that immediate action can be taken. :smile:
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    Doc Al

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    Are you saying it's still not fixed? (Oops... looks like you are correct!)
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    No, *sigh* it's not fixed yet. Thank Stanford for using up every drop of my free time for the last couple of weeks. I will get to it...

    - Warren
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    In exactly 7 days i'll start hijacking sessions and defacing PF. :smile:
  9. May 26, 2007 #8
    this has been fixed!
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