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Textbook problem - Applied Mechanics textbook ideas?

  1. Mar 19, 2014 #1
    Textbook problem -- Applied Mechanics textbook ideas?

    Due to in-availability of my textbook, I took a mechanics book by Egor Popov "Engineering Mechanics of Solids". The problem is, it doesn't have any answers for even numbered questions. One has to buy a solution manual to see them, which is as usual not available here.

    Even my professor, for some unknown reasons tries to avoid my doubts from this book. He says that these are from solid mechanics. My course is Applied Mechanics.

    Applied Mechanics = All Topics of Solid Mechanics - (Deflection of Beams + Theories of Failure)

    These two are the last topics, and rest everything is same.

    So basically, what should I do??
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