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Textbook Recommendations?

  1. Apr 14, 2013 #1

    First, I'd like to apologize if there is a more appropriate forum to post this question in, but this looks like the best one.

    I am looking to learn about Electricity and Magnetism on my own. I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good book to get me started. I would like a book that starts with the most fundamental concepts, but it's not necessary.

    Thank you for your help. (:
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    Physics books are the best place to start.

    This one is ancient (1939), but it is my favorite.
    Physics by Hausmann and Slack, second edition
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    ATurner, Welcome to Physics Forums! This is NOT a textbook, but it is an online self-study course from MIT:

    "This freshman-level course is the second semester of introductory physics. The focus is on electricity and magnetism, including electric fields, magnetic fields, electromagnetic forces, conductors and dielectrics, electromagnetic waves, and the nature of light.

    This course has been designed for independent study. It includes all of the materials you will need to understand the concepts covered in this subject."


    If you have any doubts or specific questions during your self-study, do come right back here and post them. Members here are always ready and willing to assist any true searcher trying to learn science.

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    I think that the 1st edition of Chabay and Sherwood's "Electric and Magnetic Interactions" is the best intro. It will take you through some hands-on activities and prepare you for a text like Purcell. It explores how circuits work through the concept of electric field and surface charge, which is somewhat unique. It's really great for self-study, if you can find a copy. I'm not sure how great the newer editions are, I have only seen the 3rd and it looked completely different.
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