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Textbook to replace Morin

  1. Nov 8, 2012 #1
    I'm currently in a mechanics course (second year) that uses the David Morin book (Introduction to Classical Mechanics) which I find to be very unhelpful. It's mostly just problems with very little explanation of the concepts. I'm looking for a textbook to replace Morin's which covers the same topics:

    Dynamics (especially Atwood's machines)
    Rotational Dynamics
    Work and Energy
    Special Relativity

    Does anyone have any good suggestions?
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    The standard books for a second year mechanics course, from what I've seen at most university catalogs, are Taylor and\or Marion. Taylor explains things very well but I would definitely not stop using Morin as a supplement. Morin's harder problems can be extremely rewarding unlike the majority of problems in Taylor which are breezy. You can learn the concepts from Taylor but do the problems in Morin. If you want a mechanics book that explains things extremely well and has difficult problems but doesn't cover certain things from a second year such as lagrangian or hamiltonian mechanics (it covers everything you listed however) then check out Kleppner. Kleppner is such a good book I can't stress it enough.
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