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TextPad - Plain text processor.

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    TextPad® 4.7.3 is a powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files.


    A 'free' trial copy is available, but it is inexpensive, and quite powerful, and it is available in several languages.

    I have used a paid copy for over 7 years. It handles text files over 100 MB without choking. One copy blocks of text or single columns, sort, create macros. Saves files in PC, UNIX, Mac formats.
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    I use it to compile and run my Java programs.TextPad Rocks!
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    I've gotten used to vim that I don't like to use anything else.
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    It's good that TextPad demo version is fully functional except that it reminds you once in a while to purchase it.
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    I love note pad. People in my class don't understand why. I jsut tell them it isn't loaded with the extraneous crap that word has. Word is useful for some things, but not for writing code. But a context sensitive notepad? Greatness.
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    Word is out of question. :mad: As soon as you start writing code it will start auto-corrections and underlining of errors. The simpler the better. Personally I hate tools overloaded with features. They are slow, difficult to use, and may crash. Notepad would do for me to write any kind of source file.
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    You can allways disable the features you dont like. :biggrin:
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