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Texts of greater rigor in Mathematics and Physics

  1. Nov 18, 2007 #1
    Ok, so here is what I want to do.
    Next semester, some of the classes I am taking are:
    Analog Circuits
    Modern Physics Honors
    Eng. Thermodynamics
    Differential Equations
    Linear Algebra.

    What I want to do is study a textbook on bit a higher level, more rigour. I figure if I study at a higher level the tests should be nothing. It has worked in the past beatifully.

    So here is a list of books for the classes, could you tell a book of higher level relative to the ones given, thanks.

    1) Differential Equations- Differentail Equations, Blanchards 3rd edition
    2) Linear Algebra- Linear Algebra+ Application, Lay 3rd edition
    3) Modern Physics Honors- Modern Physics, Harris, 2nd edition
    4) Eng. Thermo- Thermodynamics, Cengel
    5) Analog Circuits- Electrical Engineering, Hambley
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