Thalamus seems small to me

  1. I know the Thalamus is in the middle of the Brain right about the Top of the Brain Steam and it has 2 Lobes.

    It has a Right Lobe and a Left Lob and is Oval shaped but everything I read says it is the Size of a Large Egg.

    Is this right if so this seems small to me I thought is was very Big?
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  3. If everything you read says it is the size of a large egg, why do you doubt it? Do you have some reason for believing that it should be larger?
  4. Whenever I see photos it looks very big?
  5. A walnut, in the shell, is the size of a small egg. Why change the analogy. Why not answer my question. Do you have some reason to think it should be bigger?
  6. Well some photos it looks smaller some photos it loks bigger.
  7. You seem to have a thing for brain anatomy. Is this for a class or for your independent study? My guess is that it is an independent interest sort of deal but I haven't reviewed all of your many posts on the subject. My suggestion is that, instead of continuing to query the crew here over every single brain region item by item, you go to your local university and take a continuing or "extended" education physiological psychology class, as almost every university has one of these. What they're gonna do in that class is give you a sheep brain and a bovine eyeball that you can keep in your own mason jar(s). You'll get to dissect these treasures and find the answers to your questions the best way possible, through personal hands on experience. You'll never get the same intuition here.
  8. I am sorry I keep getting replys for this Post.

    You did help me with it thank you.
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