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Thank you for being a resource

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    Hiya! Pleasure to officially meet the forum.

    I'm a former physics graduate student who completed a baccalaureate degree in physics, but I didn't finish graduate studies for a number of personal reasons. However, I still love the topic, I think anyone here could understand. As a hobbyist, I study general relativity and quantum mechanics in my free time, and I'm realizing how valuable a place like this might be for anyone with sincere curiosity about physics. Thank you for being a resource. Maybe I could even be a resource to someone else, for classes I already took.

    (As a trained hobbyist, I might have a pet hypothesis or two that I promise I will keep off the boards, beyond this mention right here, but that's how intellectual curiosity goes, as a hobbyist. I honestly decided to join in part to develop a better understanding of the fundaments in order to apply to those, but I know this is only a place for better developing the fundaments, not pushing any ideas of mine. Honestly, my own work is my primary driver, though, and it's great to have place where I might ask whether I've found a set of null geodesics correctly, or whether I'm understanding the application of Feynman path integrals correctly, or for career advice, should it be feasible to return to formal study, so thank you.)

    Again, pleasure to meet everyone. I'm going to look around the forums a bit more before I post any questions.
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    Welcome to the PF, and thanks for understanding our rules on personal speculation. Enjoy! :smile:
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