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Thank you, Ivan.

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    Maybe this should be a PM, seeing how it's addressed to Ivan, but I think it's a forum feedback, so here it is, loud and in public.

    Thank you, Ivan.
    Thank you, Greg.
    Thank you, PF.

    12-year-old brother called me, because he and 15-year-old brother were debating if the Moon Landing(s) was/were real. Luckily, my phone battery was dying, so 15-year-old was spared my rant. I did not want to go through all of the silly arguments he picked up, and so I am properly grateful for the S&D thread (yup, the one I recently dissed out by accident) and the search feature that let me bang him over a link and not worry my pretty little head about it.

    Growl. It's tough when it's your own family, even if it is just a teenager trying to be cool...
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    I love S&D, Ivan does a great job!!!

    Thank you Ivan!! :approve:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Awww shucks...

    But really, thank you. Hopefully S&D has a little something for everyone. And let's not forget that everything at PF is a team effort. If it wasn't for all of our outstanding members, the threads would be pretty bare. :biggrin:
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