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Thank you letter for advisor

  1. Jul 3, 2012 #1
    Hi guys,

    Last term I joined the research group of one of the professors in my university, and I did a one-semester research project with him. He offered me to continue on with the project and with his group for my final year thesis, but I think I do not want to. This is because I have decided that I want to do theoretical physics, and I will join one theoretical condensed matter group.

    So, I want to write him a thank-you email, for all what he has given to me. Do you guys have a sample of thank-you letter, or perhaps, could you give me ideas, tips and hints of writing one?
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    Just thank him sincerely for his offer and for a great experience working with him, and express a regret that you've already accepted an offer to work in another group.

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    I would say if you can, just meet with him in person and explain to him the situation and thank him.
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