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Featured Thank You PF Members!

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    Another year has passed and another year I am so thankful to our community. It's an example for the rest of the world how an open community full of members with different backgrounds, genders, language, age, educational background, jobs etc etc can come together in peace, fun and production to learn and explore quality math and science topics. It's really special! It really shows how universal math, science and the pursuit of understanding are.

    2018 was great, but 2019 will prove a big year for PF! Get ready!

    Thank you PF members!

    Now go and vote liberally in the member award polls!
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    Charles Link

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    @Greg Bernhardt Suggestion is to include "and PF voting" in the title. :smile:
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    People come for the compliment and get tricked into voting. Clickbait?
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    It is the members that motivate me to put in the time to participate at PF.
  6. Dec 15, 2018 #5
    Many thanks to Kuruman and Rudeman for showing interest in my post regarding a magnetic field in a charged disk.
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    I'm a refugee from Yahoo! Answers. Aside from an increasing number of software bugs, I got very tired of students just copying and pasting their homework (or worse, their exams :eek:) with absolutely no evidence of their own work and waiting for answers, and of people willing to do their homework for them. I got tired of getting thumbs down or getting cursed out for attempting to teach rather than just provide an answer. And I went looking for a better Q & A forum and found my way here. I really appreciate the hard work the organizers do in maintaining the quality of the discussion and the standards they set for homework help, which truly does help guide and educate the students.
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    The level of discourse on this forum, clear established rules and standards, the amity and intelligence of diverse members encapsulates the original ideas of the Internet IMHO: Sharing verified knowledge in peace and harmony.
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    Wrichik Basu

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    I had a similar experience in Physics Stack Exchange (abbreviated PSE hereafter), where I was a member before I joined PF. In PSE, everything depended on the number of reputation points you have. I think I have something around 2300. If you have a good reputation, you are likely to get good answers, but if you are a new user, you are likely to get no answers, or your question might be closed. If you post a homework question and ask for an explanation to the working (you have somehow figured out the steps yourself), the question will attract downvotes, and it will be closed soon after that. I was banned from asking for a month or two, and that's when I came to PF. That's how PF is different - we discuss, and not assert, something, thereby giving the OP a better opportunity to learn.
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    Hey, we have you to thank as well. If PF weren’t around, I would probably be racking my brain with all of my analytical questions. I was able to find so much help over the past year and I feel like I was better prepared for high school despite not asking questions about school. I’m doing great as a freshman in high school and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me. I’ve got everyone who helped me in PF to thank.

    So thank you. Everyone.

    I hope PF continues to grow throughout the years to come!

    Happy (early) New Years!
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