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Thank you PF

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    Thank you PF!!

    I want to thank all the moderators and staff from here for doing an excellent job keeping the crackpottery and nonsense to a minimum. I present this as an example of what might happen without you:


    Note, this topic is currently at 271 pages and counting.
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    :) You raise a great point. I think what makes PF so great; among other things of course, is the fact that our moderators are so good at ensuring that our forum is kept clean of such nonsense.
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    I fully support that thanks.

    (By the way, what really stuns me is that like 40% "voted" No in that poll... wtf? :confused:)
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    unmoderated forum = crank magnet
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    But how can 0.999... ever reach one?

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    It doesn't, the proof is here :tongue:
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