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    May 3 is National Teacher Day in the United States. Even though I am not in school any more, I consider myself a lifelong learner, so I would like to thank all of the teachers, in our public schools, our universities, and on these forums, who are helping all of us to learn.
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    I think national teacher day is great, but in our district, we have "teacher appreciation week" which is a bunch of crap. We don't do anything for it, and our school never says anything. Not even on national teacher day.
  4. I'll second that and thank you mentors here at pf!

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    That's very nice jma2001. I will always remember my first grade teacher Mrs Stanfield and my 6th grade teacher Mrs Hayes. They were the best.

    The worst was my 10th grade history teacher that graded papers not by content but by length. I learned after the first assignment. He said write a one page paper. I went to a lot of trouble. He went down the aisle marking either "A" or "F" without even reading them. I got an "F". He pointed out that I still had two blank lines at the bottom. From then on I scribbled crap on a page but made sure that there were no blank lines. I got all "A"s. Oh, for extra credit one of the assignments was to draw a fence in Africa. I drew a fence with a Giraffe next to it. I got the extra points.

    My art teacher had a nervous breakdown the first week of school. After 5 days of making us cover sheets of paper with black crayon, he started screaming, knocked everything off his desk and ran out of the room. Never saw him again.

    My French teacher in 10th grade. They lost the "real" French teacher so had the spanish teacher fill in. She told us that the month August in French "aout" was pronounced "out" as in English. I disagreed. I got in trouble. :grumpy:
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    Coincidentally, my art teacher, in the only year that I took the subject, also had a nervous breakdown and was never seen again. I'm pretty sure that it had nothing to do with me. Of course, it's pretty well established that all artists, musicians, writers, actors and psychologists are flaming insanitics. (And I speak this as an ex-writer, who has not been able to write a bloody word since going on the medication for ADD about 3 years ago. :grumpy:)
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