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Homework Help: Thank you

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    I just barely missed an A. I got a B in my calc I class :tongue: , thanks in large part to the people who answered my questions in this forum this semester, and those who answered other people's questions which I also found useful.

    The first time I took Calc I, I got a C, but I feel I deserved an F. I understood nothing, and I wasn't ready for Calc II. This time I got a B and understood almost everything. It wasn't a lack of understanding. Only dumb mistakes on the final exam kept me from an A. So next semester, it's Calc II. Get ready for more questions :smile: .

    Thanks again to everyone here who helped me with the tough hw problems this semester:wink:
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    Congratulations, and I hope I helped you in some small way. :smile:
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    Yah, keep up the good work. Try your best, and you will get an A in your next calc course. :approve:
    Good luck, :smile:
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