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'Thanks' feature

  1. Jun 3, 2011 #1
    Some people on here post some great threads/responces which are usually very helpful.

    Before I start id like to add that I understand im new here and havent really got the 'right' to ask for forum improvements, especially not having contributed to the site(yet), but to show gratitude for a great post is it possible to add a 'Thanks' button that appears under each post.
    This feature is available on another forum I used (rcheliaddicts)

    For me, sometimes I feel id like to show my appretiation but without having to post and this is a good solution.

    I apologise if this has been covered already.

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    :eek:haha then I apologise and withdraw my post. I should of searched but was far to lazy at the time. Please delete the thread mods.:blushing:
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    It's a nice sounding feature, but people currently struggle to read the dates of posts they are replying to (leading to necroposting) so the chances of people taking note are slim to none.

    There's nothing wrong with a good old "thanks" anyway.

    I also feel there's potential for abuse.
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    Thats true :). I thought a 'thanks' in the middle of some discussion would be irritating for some but never mind :).
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    That's what I thought. There is a rate system for a thread when you reply.
    So if you need your "LIKE" button, there it is.

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    I think you just did.

    When it gets down to it, there's just too many thanks to be given. At least for me anyway.
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    OK I will stop thanking you so much. But is your avatar a picture of a cow or a half mouse half skunk. :smile:
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    You can post a thank you message on a member's profile page, or as a private message.
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    mmm thats a good point.
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