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Thanks for having me...

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    Thanks a lot in advance for accepting me in this forum... I am looking forward to help and find some help in here including find some friends too.

    I am a caregiver and studying online.
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    Welcome to PF!

    What are you studying?
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    greetings Mary
    welcome to the forums :)
    what interests in physics do you have ?

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    Thanks for the welcome Dave. I appreciate that...
    Everything is pretty interesting but it is so difficult. Maybe I am just rusty. I am taking the prerequisite to go to college.
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    ahhh an adult student yeah that can be a bit of a trial LOL

    I went to university at 30 yrs old to study for a BSc in geology. Surrounded by all these youngin's who were all so switched on to maths
    but generally I got the better of them in a lot of the practical stuff, as I had been doing that for many years

    Best of luck to you, work hard, do well :smile:

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