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Thanks notifications

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    Whenever I get a PM, I see a red underlined "Messages: 1" signal.
    Yesterday, when I looked at my "Thanks" count, I sensed that it had gone up by one.
    When I checked, I had at least a dozen "Thanks" comments, which I had not seen before.
    I went all Sally Fields for a moment.

    Have I gone senile, or did there not used to be "Thanks" prompt?
    Or is it a less subtle signal?

    ps. Thanks for all the Thanks!
    pps. I like you too!
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    How could it go up by one if it didn't exist earlier?

    It is there for as long as I remember (that is, since thanks were added).
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    There was never a thanks prompt, just that the number next to 'Thanks: ___' would increase when you obtained a thanks. Maybe you did not notice this. You do not get an email notification if that is what you meant.
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    No, he meant that there should have been a prompt (like highlight and underline 'Thanks' counter in red) when a new 'thanks' comes. Like how it's with the 'messages' counter.
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    Ok. Thanks everyone.
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