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    I just wanted to thank everyone here, I know i just started posting here, but I've also been reading people's ideas and thoughts. They have been a great help to me in math and science. I'd have to say this is probably the best site ever made. I've never got so involved into science and math. I just find it more fascination when you guys explain the subjects. And I go to class a smarter person after reading a topic about something I'm studying in school.

    Theres a lot more I can say, but I have to go eat D:


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    Hi sfeld,

    Welcome to PF ! Enjoy the ride !
  4. Aug 27, 2004 #3

    jimmy p

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    Keep your hands safely inside and always follow the mentor's instructions.

    Oh yeah, Evo said you have to donate all your money to the "jimmy p Pocket Fund".
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    Welcome to PF sfeld!!!! :smile:

    (Don't let jimmy p take all your money)
  6. Aug 28, 2004 #5
    Yes that's true : I want to thank many people here, for making this place so full of great thoughts. I am not going to make a list, you are so numerous, so thank you all :cool:
  7. Aug 28, 2004 #6
    Yeah, save some for his, as of this day, self-appointed manager :wink:
  8. Aug 30, 2004 #7

    jimmy p

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    We split this 60:40 in my favour though.
  9. Aug 30, 2004 #8
    Sounds reasonable.
    Of course, this means I get the exclusive rights to anything you produce, from now till eternity :tongue:
  10. Aug 30, 2004 #9

    jimmy p

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    I went to the toilet about half an hour ago, how much would that sell?
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