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    so a fella signs up to the forum to gain some knowledge in the field of science and is immediately censored for asking about the wrong kinds of science:

    "Our mission is to provide a place for people (whether students, professional scientists, or others interested in science) to learn and discuss science"

    my question: why can't the flowing water between the exit tube and the funnel flask[of a Boyle flask] not be utilized to turn a small turbine?

    "We do not permit discussions of PMMs here -- they are a waste of time."

    i wasn't seeking to open up debate on the matter i simply wanted to know why it does not work and instead of an open sharing scientific community i've been slapped down for daring to show curiosity in the wrong area!

    thank you all for your time.
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    I don't quite see your issue. You were politely told that perpetual motion machine discussions are not allowed on this forum, and given several links that would answer your question if you take the time to read them.
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    You most certainly were not "slapped down". You weren't even given a warning, much less an infraction: you were given helpful links and a notice that we don't discuss that kind of thing here.

    And to be perfectly honest, this isn't a difficult one to find on your own, by googling yourself instead of asking about it: the first two links returned by google are to two wiki pages that describe different formulations of the reason it could work, with explanations for why they are wrong.
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    And to add, you should know our policy when you JOINED! This ban on any kind of PMM discussion is clearly spelled out when you read our Rules and the list of banned topics. So to complain about it is puzzling when you are fully aware of what we allow and do not allow. That's like complaining that a vegetarian restaurant doesn't serve any meat, when you fully are aware of what it is when you entered.

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    You were not censored, you were informed that PMM discussions are against the rules and were told why. That's akin to saying that if a football discussion forum didn't let you talk about rugby they are suppressing your free speech and frankly that's just an insult to people who genuinely suffer oppressive censorship.
    Pseudo science isn't the wrong kind of science, at best it's wrong science.
    You were not slapped down at all, as has been pointed out you didn't even receive any form of penalty, not even a warning. On top of that you were provided with links that if you had followed would have provided you with an answer.

    This site is a great resource for learning about science, if you never come back then IMO you've given up on a great chance for no good reason.
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    Your question begins with an incorrect assumption (flowing water). There is no water flow.

    To quote ZapperZ:
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