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That Cubic Formula

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    Char. Limit

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    The proof of the quadratic formula was so simple, I moved to the proof of the cubic formula with supreme confidence. And found myself awash in as and cs and cubic roots.

    Can you turn this equation into a cubic?



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    Googling "proof of cubic forumla" gives this proof.
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    First, the cubic equation: [tex]ax^3+bx^2+cx+d[/tex]. With [tex]x=y-\frac{a}{3}[/tex], you can reduce the equation to [tex]y^3+py+q[/tex]. [tex]p=b-\frac{a^2}{3}[/tex] and [tex]q=c-\frac{ab}{3}+\frac{2a^3}{27}[/tex]. In a cubic equation there are 3 possible answers, the one you listed would be one of the 3, [tex]X_{1}[/tex]
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