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That exam I was worried about

  1. Nov 7, 2011 #1

    115.4% lolwtf

    Thanks, people of pf, for helping me to understand the material!
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    Sweet! I used to love those exams. Mean 50%, score 97%. Priceless :biggrin:

    Congrats QC!
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    Wow!!! Nice quark!!!! Enjoy your score!!
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    Very nice :approve:! Congrats!
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    I was expecting more of a "how is that even possible!", because frankly, I don't see how that's possible. I missed one point for losing a negative somewhere. Is it normal for physics courses to grade with such a huge curve? Where can I find sample Physics I exams to compare to?
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    I was going to say that, hows that even happening? you have 100.2% average and you answered more questions right than there were questions seemingly. On all your assignments too.

    I thought they curved on a log scale or something so people with higher grades are less affected by the curve so you don't have people doing that.
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    i was going to suggest they might have got the score and number of questions mixed up, but then I saw the rest of the class have more sensible scores

    I wish i can get scores like that....
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    Something like that must be going on, otherwise my total score would be higher than 100.2
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    It isn't uncommon for smart people like you to run over 100 during the course :biggrin: Profs give over 100s so that in case you blow up something in future you would be covered up by bonus marks. In the end, they trim down to 100 ... But I haven't seen one getting final course average of above 100.
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    Congrats Quark!!
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    Back in the olden days when I was in college, the bigger undergrad physics classes were graded on a Bell curve. Some of the profs even posted the plot of the grades, showing the classic Bell shape...
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