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That horribly annoying Sears ad

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    jim hardy

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    can somethiing be done about that awful Sears popup at top of page that covers up first thread entry when mouse is dragged down ?

    Im sure Sears would not want to aggravate their customers so. Some junior programmer or marketing major needs a bit of calibration.
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    Buy a PF subscription and get no-ads heaven.:wink:
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    I can look into blocking the URL. If you come across it again try to note the URL.
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    jim hardy

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    i realize ads help pay your bills so i dont protest too strongly

    just it's really dumb to let an ad cover up site content like that.
    Take any salesman training course and the FIRST RULE is "Gain the customer's favorable attention." and that ad is as endearing as a punch in the nose.

    It reeks of inexperience. I'm sure Sears marketing is more sophisticated than that.

    It's there this morning on top of electrical Engineering page https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=102

    i tried to get properties but all it does is say something about flashplayer.

    old jim
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