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News That zany Ignatieff! Look what antics he's doing` now!

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    Not political actually. Funny!

    Don't know how many Canadians there are here, or how many of the rest of you follow any Canadian politics, but Michael Ignatieff (a Toronto politician) is well-known here, depite receivng much criticism by Canadians...

    Well, I live in Ignatieff's riding and just fired off this letter to his office:

    Dear Mr. Ignatieff,

    I think it's great that you've thrown your hat into the ring as a Prime Minister candidate, heck, I'm one of your supporters and helped vote you into office here in Etobicoke.

    This, despite your former support for Dubya and his war-mongers - Canadians gave you a hard time about that one I know; it could be called the albatross around your neck. But, I'm sure you're sincere in turning over that old, war-monger-supporting leaf for a new, more peaceful, more Canadian leaf.

    ...so I have to ask myself - after driving by your campaign headquarters on the Queensway in Etobicoke - are you sure that AIRBOMBs are the way to raise your campaign funds...?
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